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Facts & Figures

90 acres

5 miles south of Hermann, Missouri

Originally purchased by Christophe Kemper and then developed further by Edward Kemper, the Kemper farm has been home to grapevines, apple trees, horses, hay, corn, and soy.  In 2021, the Kemper Kids decided to experiment by ordering new trees and lavender, to bring the farm back to life.

13 Apple Trees

Wholesale or the Hardware Store?

We bought four from a wholesaler, focusing on types that will cross-pollinate well and have enough age to help promote survival.  We bought the remainder from a variety of box stores. Let's see which make it!

8 Grapevines

Voted Most Likely to Die by Deer

Eight grapevines may seem like a slow start given how many vineyards exist around Hermann.  But eight is a start, if the deer will not eat them.

200 Lavender plants

The Great Experiment

Lavender doesn't always like Missouri's humidity.  However, the farm's hillsides make for good drainage.  We think it's worth the experiment.

Facts & Figures: Infographics
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